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July 5, 2017 Launches Graphic Thesaurus

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa., July 5, 2017 — Farlex, Inc., publisher of The Free Dictionary, the world's most comprehensive dictionary, announced today that its companion site,, has launched Graphic Thesaurus, a visual word map generator.

When you look up any word at, Graphic Thesaurus automatically renders a diagram showing the top synonyms, grouped by meaning, in addition to any relevant antonyms and related words. The intuitive visual chart allows users to quickly see and understand relationships between words and find the perfect synonym fast.

"Like me, many people are visual learners, and they absorb information best when they can interact with a chart or a graphic element," said Steve Boymel, co-founder and vice president of Farlex, Inc. "Graphic Thesaurus works alongside the traditional thesaurus layout to help you easily find the exact word you're looking for, no matter what your learning style is."

Free Thesaurus contains more than 145,000 unique entries from multiple thesaurus sources, and every entry generates its own customized Graphic Thesaurus word map. When users browsing a word map discover a new or interesting word, they can simply click it to explore a new word map and a new set of relationships, allowing for endless exploration.

"Now, more than ever, people care about using words precisely and accurately," said Nick Simonov, co-founder and president of Farlex, Inc. "Graphic Thesaurus is an excellent tool to help understand language by providing a tangible, visual map of the relationships between words."

The Graphic Thesaurus word map for any word can be embedded by webmasters or bloggers on any webpage just by copying and pasting the free code available on every entry page.

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